The Escape4sale Company began to create escape rooms in 2014. By now, we have four clubs in Moscow with 14 different escape rooms, which are very popular among players.

Our company has its own factory, with an area of 1500 m2, in one of the Central districts of Moscow. Our customers can always come and see the entire production cycle with their own eyes. The Escape4sale team consists of only professional locksmiths, carpenters, programmers and game designers. The latest equipment, CNC machines and 3D printers that allow us not to use the services of contractors, but to create everything ourselves. You can choose a ready-made escape room from our catalog, and our experts will develop a unique offer for you, create a design project that fits into your existing premises, and help you choose additional equipment. Your order will be executed quickly, efficiently and delivered anywhere in the world, of your choice.

We produce escape rooms of new generation that use electronic sensors, special sound and light systems, the latest gadgets and high-tech devices. The scenarios of our games are exceptional and exciting; all the puzzles clearly fit into the story and maintain the players’ interest all the way. Another feature of our escape rooms is the unique authenticity and naturalness of all materials: our swords are iron, and the tomb is made of stone, not plywood. Undoubtedly, such a serious approach helps to achieve the full immersion in the atmosphere of the game.

The Escape4sale Company – for people who appreciate quality and their time.