Ordinary person memorize 7 images in 30 seconds. A normal agent – up to 15 images. But you are super agents, aren't you? You have to memorize 33 images! Do you want to test yourself?

Game Logic

There are 66 tablets with a paired image of 33 objects on the walls of the room. At the beginning of the first round of the game the system turns on all 66 tablets for a short time. Players need to memorize where the images are. After that the system turns on one tablet and players need to remember where the same image was and press the button on this tablet. The team has only three attempts to choose the right tablet. If a pair has been found both tablets remain turned on. If not - points are deducted. After the end of the round system turns on the remaining tablets again for a short period of time and then randomly turns on the tablet with the next image. And so on until the end of playing time or until all 33 pairs are found.


Depending on the number of players in the team the difficulty of the game changes. For a team of 2 people, for example, the turn-on time of all tablets is longer, and for a team of 4 people is less.


Dimensions: 3m x 4m

Height: 3m

Age of players: 9+

Playing time: 5 minutes

Number of players: 2-4

Difficulty*: 4 points

Physical activity*: 1 point

Game dynamics*: 4 points

*on a 5-point scale


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