Mission Impossible



They say only one out of a hundred cadets passes this test. But the team did not train for nothing. They can! ...or can they?

Game Logic.

Players need to pass laser grid without touching laser beam in order to get to the lighted button on the wall and press it. The buttons are located on all walls and light randomly. The faster task is completed the more points team scores. For touching the laser beam points are deducted.


This mission is reminiscent of epic scene of Faberge egg heist by the character of actor Vincent Cassel in blockbuster movie «Ocean's Twelve».


Dimensions: 3m x 4m

Height: 3m

Age of players: 9+

Playing time: 5 minutes

Number of players: 2-4

Difficulty*: 3 points

Physical activity*: 3 points

Game dynamics*: 3 points

*on a 5-point scale


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