Nuclear Plant



A team of super agents is at an emergency nuclear power plant. All the station staff is gone. The automatic control system has turned off. It is necessary to manually shut down the reactor to prevent catastrophe. The countdown begins!

Game Logic.

Players need to activate the «graphite rods» in the reactor core by using the manipulator when signal about an accident in a particular cell is received. The more reactor cells are «silenced» the more points team earns.


«Graphite rod» activation manipulator is electromechanical and can move in three dimensions. It is necessary to develop a skill in control and calculate the fastest route of the manipulator from one emergency cell to another which are randomly lighted in different places of the playing field avoiding crossing other burning cells.


Dimensions: 3m x 3m

Height: 3m

Age of players: 9+

Playing time: 5 minutes

Number of players: 2-4

Difficulty*: 4 points

Physical activity*: 1 point

Game dynamics*: 3 points

*on a 5-point scale


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