About Our Company

Escape4sale is a Premium quality full-cycle escape room production. Our company devises game design, constructs escape rooms, creates devices and props and develops unique automation systems based on smart home technologies. We also provide props for film industry and organize game events of other forms (advertising campaigns, corporate and field games).

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What do we offer

Escape rooms, arcades, scripts, props, devices - we have more than 70 workers ready to fulfill any order. We used to open our own clubs, organize "Fort Boyard", make advertising campaigns in the play form and special events for TV shows. We can also make props and devices on request - the service many Russian filmmakers use.

Whychoose us

Price and quality. We work only with realistic materials - no wooden Iron Thrones or plastic tombs. Our armor is made of steel, and our sarcophagi is made of real stone. Escape rooms are fully automated and fire safe. And all this at an affordable price!

Own production. Professional game designers, constructors, engineers, artists and programmers are located on 1500m2 of our production facility, as well as CNC machines and 3D printers. Choosing us, you get a full range of services - from game design to technical support.

Individual approach. We value our customers and always ready to assist. You can discuss any idea with us and we will help to bring it to life. Visit our games and factory, rebuild a room or come up with something completely new - you just need to ask!

Escape4sale – for people who appreciate quality and their time.

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