Military (8+)
It is war. You and your comrades find yourselves locked in a dugout, which is a secret command post and is about to be destroyed. Will you manage to get out and tell the pilots where the enemy base is? The lives of civilians depend on you!
Escape room for the male audience of any age. The plausibly recreated atmosphere of wartime will help players to immerse in the game and forget about everything else. There are tasks for logic, ingenuity and even physical strength in this escape room, so the whole team can take part in the game. What is more, we use a technique that adds plausibility to the game and creates the feeling of an infinite space. Players can look out of the window and see the rural landscape, engulfed in the fire of war; give tasks to the pilots of fighters using Morse code and watch how the bombs are dropped. 
A completely unique escape room that guarantees full immersion in the war atmosphere. Use Dynamo to turn on the light in the room, Morse code, authentic puzzles and props. Perfect for male company. Time period can be changed at the request of the client.
Audience: 8+ (accompanied by parents)
Number of rooms: 6
Number of puzzles & decorations: 22
Difficulty level: medium
Space required: 50-60 m2

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