Sci-Fi (8+)
Nearest future. Ishida Bionical corporation has taken control over humanity. People are unable to resist this power, because most of them use Ishida’s products – biotransplants. Only a small group calling themselves “Resistance” is determined to fight with a dictate.
And you are among them, you are the fighters of the Resistance. The informant gave you the coordinates of one of the key laboratories of Ishida. The task is to get to the secret facility and find the vulnerable place of the corporation. Even the most invincible giants have their own Achilles’s heel.
Another ER that immerses players in a fantastic atmosphere of a sinister future and cyberpunk. Fans of the genre will be pleasantly surprised by a number of high-tech puzzles and riddles. WOW effect is also created with the help of the elevator. There is a motor inside of it, installed to create vibrations that simulate movement. And that's not all. The escape room is suitable for both beginners and fans of the genre who have already tried everything. 
Unique story, the effect of immersion, a lot of high-tech tasks, the original interior in the style of cyberpunk. This escape room will be very interesting for the teenage audience but will also suit adults.
Audience: +8 (accompanied by parents)
Number of rooms: 3
Number of puzzles & decorations: 16
Difficulty level: medium
Space required: 50-60 m2

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