Horror (16+)
You wake up in a creepy cellar. Blood, chain, stuffed animals are around you. White noise on the screen, but suddenly the image shows up... And you understand you're in trouble. The lair's owner will be back for you in an hour. And to escape the killer you have to start thinking like him. ⠀
We would like to present you our unique horror escape room. There is no roaring actor, only oppressive atmosphere, believable decorations and unexpected ending. This escape room will definitely horrify you. Even the most experienced players will not remain indifferent, and the mysteries of the maniac will make them break their heads over how to get out. There are not only logic tasks, but also on agility and strength. This is the perfect choice for players who want to tickle their nerves. And most importantly, this escape room doesn't depend on actors, and everything is always going according to the plan.
The oppressive atmosphere, detailed decoration, unexpected plot twist, original code puzzles, complete uniqueness and even philosophical meaning.
Audience: 16+
Number of rooms: 3
Number of puzzles & decorations: 29
Difficulty level: medium
Space required: 50-60 m2

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