Secret Patient

Detective (12+)
USA, 1963. The usual daily routine at the newspaper office is disrupted by a strange phone call. Someone named Michael claims that he has evidence of inhuman experiments in the local psychiatric hospital. Such material is a dream of any journalist!
The meeting with the informant has already been arranged and it seems that this time you have a real STORY in your hands! But soon the sensation will turn into a dangerous weapon directed against you … because really influential people are involved and they are ready to do anything to get rid of unnecessary witnesses.
 One of the most popular places for horror escape rooms is a mental hospital. But they often lack convincingness. This cannot be said about our escape room. Thanks to the well-thought legend, our escape room provides a complete immersion in the atmosphere of America of the 60s. In addition, the decor of the escape room will never make players doubt where they are. In many ways this is achieved through simulation of a large number of rooms. There are no actors in this escape room, but we solved this issue by adding interactive communication with patients of the hospital. This escape room is also perfect for beginners. The approximate time of passing is 40-60 minutes.
Five rooms full of stunning decorations and extraordinary plot, spacious locations, a lot of puzzles to solve, a real deprivation chamber, a reference to the game Guitar Hero. Perfect for both new players and experienced fans of the genre.
Audience: 12+
Number of rooms: 5
Number of puzzles & decorations: 20
Difficulty level: easy
Space required: 50-60 m2

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